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Ministry Partners

Over the years more than 800 ministry partners have been our blessings and have enabled us to do the work of the Father in our community. Many of these partners have stayed faithful over the years and continue to support us through prayer and by giving us their resources or blessing us with the finances it takes to keep the doors open and the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ flowing. Some choose to focus on the church side of the ministry, Rock Solid Ministries. Others join us in supporting the ministries of Petra Project which includes the Bread Basket meal program, the Siloam Free medical clinic and the upcoming Refuge of Hope. Below you will find a list of just some of these wonderful people and organizations that make our ministry to the needy of Richmond possible. If you want to become a ministry partner with us, we ask first that you pray for us. If you want to send a tax deductible donation, specify whether you want it to go to the church side (Rock Solid Ministries) for operating expenses or to the outreach ministry, Petra Project. We will ensure that whatever you specify the donation for will go to that ministry. Thank you.

Central United Methodist Church of Richmond

Centerville Christian Church

First United Methodist Church of Richmond

First United Methodist Church of Centerville

Central Baptist Church of Richmond

The Catholic Community of Richmond

Gateway Vineyard of Richmond

The River Church of Union City

First Assembly of God of Richmond

Lighthouse Assembly of God of Richmond

Richmond Area Ministerial Association

Friends Fellowship Community

St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Richmond

Lynn Friend Church

Midwest Spinal Surgeons

Wayne Township Trustee

Southeastern Church of Christ

Pleasantview Church

My-Way Trading, Inc.

Hand-IN-Hand Adult Daycare of Richmond

Reid Hospital and Healthcare Services

Greensburg Assembly of GodBenson Equipment

Golden Living Center of Richmond

Saver Systems

Benson Equipment

Bethel Foundation

Wayne County Foundation

Freedom Life Assembly of God of Winchester

United Way

The Bonner Foundation

Christ Presbyterian Church of Richmond

Little Caesars Pizza

The Belden Corporation

Cope Environmental Center

New Creations School and Ministry

Catherine McDaniel

Kyle McKee

Edwin J. McQueen

Scott Meinardi

Judith Metzger

Eleanor Miller

Doris Miller

June Miller

Eddy and Barb Miller

James Miller

Thomas Milligan

Ernie and Betty Mills

Frank Monroe

Cheryl Moore

Joe Muddman

Mike Nottingham

Cynthia Swardenski

Jerry Taylor

Elizibeth Thistlethwaite

Anthony and Beth Thompson

Glen Thornburg

Roger Yesh

Lee Ann Akin

Brian Alenskis

Michael Allen

Dr Patrick Anderson

Patricia Bane

Barton Barger

Christopher Bergfield

Virginia Berheide

Betty Blunk

Dr. Robert and Jody Bode

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watson

Sharon Boggs

Fredrick Bolle

Phillip Bolser

Angela Brandt

William Brandt

Anthony Broadwell

Clayton Brockman

James Brooks

James Bullerdick

John Burgess

Joe Butler

David and Marcia Callahan

Jenny Campbell-Roux

Randall and Ann Cashner

Ronald Cate

Ronald Cheek

David and Nancy Chew

Dr. C. G. Clarkson

Irene Clevenger

Irene Runnels

Evan and Betty Erickson

Judson Costlow

N.G. Cox

Glenda Crane

Dr. James Daggy

Johnathan Mallory

Joan Martin

Brandon and Denise Marley

Betty Martin

Julie Maxeiner

James McComb

Edward McCorory

Susan O'Donnel

Chris Obadiah

Anthony O'Brien

William Parker

David Peine

Annetta Plumbley

Scott Presley

Wanda Puckett

Eric Tuegal

Elizibeth Turner

John H. Turner

Nancy Upchurch

J.N. Valant

Jerry Wise

Donald Dale

John Dehner

Dr. Howard Deitsch

Jeremy Detample

Rena Dilworth

Julia Downs

Jeanette Eales

Betty Eales

Dr. Tom Ebbinghouse

Pat Eicher

Chelsey Ellis

Dale Emmons

Jan Fahein

Dave Garman

Richard Garnet

Joseph Gatzek

Marilyn Gauther

Kay Gephart

Ron Gibbs

Jaye Gibbs

Gloria Gibbs

Sam and Linda Gossard

Deborah Gray

Thomas Grayson

Roger Grimm

William Grotendick

Webster Hall

Dr. Robert and Jennifer Hall

A. Theodore Halsted

Sherry Hampton

Brandon Hanks

Carol Hargett

Kenneth Harlan

Rhonda Harris

Eldon Harzman

Jack Hatcher

Jean Pugh

Judy Redmyer

Susan Reed

Dr. Dana Reihman

Robert and Toni Reinke

Jack Reynolds

Beth Richardson

Lowell Robinson

James Rogers

Allan Rosar

Joan Rygelski

Thomas Savage

Sally Sayer

Janet Seifer

Kenneth and Karen Shelton

William Vosmeier

Robert Wagner

Barbara Walker

David Waltz

Thomas Ward

Florence White

John Hawkinis

Dr. James Hayes

Stephen Heiny

Douglas Henderson

Janet Hibner

Paul Higgs

Betty Hilling

Rick HIttle

Lillian Hoff

Bertha Holliman

Thomas Holthouse

Thomas Hood

Donald Hoover

Stephen Hornak

Harold Hunt

Dr. Roy and Mary Kay Hunteman

John Ingerman

Mary Jeffers

Bernetta Jeffries

Daniel Jennings

Denise Johnson

John Michael Jordan

David Julien

Stuart Karanovich

Robert Keller

Robert King

Carrie King

Graig Kinyon

Mary Klute

Samuel Krutz

Gail Kuntzman

Anthony Kutter

Jeffery Logue

Virginia Long

Barry and Carolyn MacDowel

Charlie Watson

Linda Shepherd

Philip Shirden

Ronald H. Smith

David Smith

Richard Smith

Frances Sommerville

Aaron Soots

Alan Spears

Charles R. Spurrier

Scott Starbuck

Michael Stella

Dorothy Stiens

Stephen Stroeh

Lois Ann Stults

Jonnie Swallow

Bill Warfel

Michael Warren

Clarice Warrick

Steven Waters

Beryl Wesler

Paul Wessler

Wayne Township Trustee

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